Letter to the editor

Chantal Lawson, Opinion Writer

On Saturday’s football game I was deeply upset by the three WSC football players who ran onto the field and started warming up during the band’s halftime show. I found it immensely disrespectful and thought it showed a huge lack of character among WSC’s student athletes. This letter is for the football team and coaching staff. You should be ashamed.

I’m not sure why you didn’t go warm up kicking into the practice net on the sidelines. The band practices countless hours all week for their 20 minute halftime show. They cheer for you (loudly— without the band you would have a very quiet stadium) for the entire game; give them their entire 20 minutes.

I know brass players who’s lips have bled after hours of rehearsal during the week and still play at games. I know a trumpet player who chooses to crutch onto the field and into the stadium rather than drop band because he loves it so much. I know drum majors with turf toe. I know woodwind players who risk their thousands-of-dollars valued instruments getting wet and ruined to play in the rain. Now, I can even say I know a sousaphone player whose instrument was hit with a football during her halftime show. And still, these students love what they do. Don’t take that from them. Don’t steal their show.

One might argue that “It’s a football game, the crowd is there for the football players.” I disagree. The stadium is rarely packed. And of the fans that do come, probably 80% of them are band students’ parents or friends. The band out numbers the football team, and so does their fan base. Their parents drive (for some, hours) to watch them perform, too.

Have some courtesy. Have some respect. Embody the sportsmanship creed that you read at the beginning of games, and cheer on your fellow students next time. There’s no reason you should take away from their show. You should spend as much time as you can in the locker room trying to figure out whatever’s causing you to lose games anyway.

An aggravated alumni and musician’s fiancé,
Chantal Lawson