Season Three: ‘Ember Rise’

Ashley Ternus, Staff Writer

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has finally released Year Four: Season Three on Sept. 11. This new operation, titled “Ember Rise,” introduced two new operators to the gameplay and a rework of the Kanal map.

The new attacker, Amaru, has added a twist to Siege’s gameplay. She is a two-speed; two-armor, and her loadout includes the G8A1 or Supernova for primary, the SMG 11 or ITA125 for secondary, and breach charges or claymores for her gadget.

Her unique ability, the Garra Hook, allows the player to rappel through windows, hatches and onto ledges.

This could completely change the gameplay, since no other attacker or defender can enter a room through an open hatch from below.

My favorite part of Amaru’s Garra Hook is the ability to rappel through a barricaded window and possibly get an instant kill on any defender waiting behind it.

Goyo is the new defender, and with the deployable shield rework his special ability can really come in handy.

His special deployable shield includes an incendiary bomb attached to the back, which can prove very helpful on objective based clutches.

His loadout features the vector.45 ACP or TCSG 12 as primary, the P229 as a secondary, and the choice between impact grenades or a nitro cell.

Goyo is considered a possible roamer, but I would play him as an anchor, especially for area denial.

“Ember Rise” also introduced the new unranked playlist. This gameplay is an exact replica of the ranked playlist, but it does not affect the players MMA or rank and does not restrict rank gaps between squad members.

I queued up in this playlist expecting casual level play with ranked style gameplay, however that was not what I ran into.

Instead, it felt exactly like ranked, but with the added toxicity of casual. One game, my entire team got spawn peaked almost every round, and the in-game chat was extremely toxic.

I do not have much to say about the Kanal map rework. The most obvious change is the addition of a second bridge between the two buildings, and two more staircases.

Also, the designers really changed up the outside layout to decrease spawn peaking.

I enjoy the map, and I think it is a good playhouse for both Amaru and Goyo’s abilities.

Overall, I am very pleased with Ubisoft’s work on this new release. I originally played the TTS with my buddy Jadyn Keller, and we both were excited to play the official update.

“It’s buggy as hell there are DDOSers headshots never work 10 out of 10,” Keller said.

In the end, I felt pretty content with the new content, and I am excited to start playing again.