‘Good Boys’ showcases middle school humor fit for all ages

Zachary Hain, Staff Writer

Follow the adventures and witness the coming-of-age of three 12-year-old boys in the new movie “Good Boys.”

“Good Boys” is the directorial debut of Gene Sputnitsky. The film was written by Sputnitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

The film was produced by Eisenberg, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver. The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon as the “Good Boys.”

Best friends Max, Lucas and Thor recently enter sixth grade with a host of issues.

Max has a crush on his classmate Brixlee, played by Millie Davis, Thor is teased for his love of singing, and Lucas’ parents are getting a divorce. The boys try and add some spice to their life when asked to go to a kissing party.

When caught spying by Max’s neighbor and her friend, he must retrieve his drone which leads to a load of stunts.

“I literally had no idea my husband wanted to go so I went along with it,” said Deborah Sobotka, a WSC alum, personal trainer and worship leader.

Caleb Sobotka, Sobotka’s husband and current Wayne State senior, said he also had similar thoughts as he also didn’t know what to expect.

When he saw the poster for “Good Boys,” he said he thought of the movie “Superbad” but in a juvenile sense.

“I really appreciated the way they were able to capture the innocence of middle school boys and how awkward that stage of life is,” Caleb Sobotka said.

“The sense of humor in this movie is my kind of humor, which is middle school boy humor,” Deborah Sobotka said. “I would say it was innocent humor…their understanding of adulthood was really hilarious, their imaginations were awesome.”

This movie wasn’t perfect though. She said there was too much cursing in the movie and the boys could have used humor in a different way instead of using profanity so much. Deborah Sobotka rated the movie 8/10 for its extensive use of cursing.

Her husband Caleb Sobotka rated the movie 10/10 because he hasn’t seen such an original movie in a long time.

She would recommend the movie to anyone with eighth grade boy humor.