Mamawala in Ramsey

Comedian jokes about Subway, bad names and more

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Andrew Eaton, Staff Writer

Adam Mamawala, a comedian ranked by “Funny or Die” as one of the “Top 30 Under 30” comedians, performed his hour-long stand-up routine on Thursday in Ramsey Theater.

Swear words came in bunches as he tackled the issues of airport security, Ryan Lochte, Subway, a baby name that sounds like “shoe bomb” and Felix the Cat, to name a few.

Mamawala opened up by welcoming everyone from Wayne to the performance and said, “If you can make it here, who gives a sh–.”

He compared himself to Ryan Lochte by saying he’d be the type to say, “Oh yeah?

I’d like to see him race in a pool, let’s take this underwater,” to which Mamawala, a tennis coach, fired back, “Let’s handle this like men, time to do five sets.”

The comedian took a shot at Subway by saying that they are the “handjobs” of the food industry.

He told the story about a little kid to whom he was coaching in tennis who had a funny name. His name sounded like “shoe bomb.”

“He’s a beautiful brown baby that will never make it through an airport with that name!”

The bulk of the stand-up was about the missing cat Felix.

“Lost cat. Felix. Last seen July 19 of last year. Male. 30-36 inches long. 13 pounds. Skinny, large-boned cat. Doesn’t get along with other cats. Timid but has a loud meow. Prone to urinary tract infection.”

“How is that gonna help identify it? Just cut your losses and upgrade to a better cat,” he said

As the night came to a close, he told a story about a breakup.

“I was sobbing in a Civil War museum. I was 22, in gym shorts and a wife beater shirt crying about it. A lady working there approached me and asked what was wrong so I responded, ‘My son died in the Civil War, and I ran away.’”