WSC prepares for Homecoming

Inclusive changes ‘let the good times roar’

Kate Lundahl, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2019 “Let the Good Times Roar” could provide Wayne State College’s first set of non-traditional homecoming royalty with events running from Sept. 30 to Oct. 5.

Michaela Fehringer, co-coordinator of Spirit and Traditions, said this year, unlike past years, homecoming royalty will not have to be strictly one male and one female.

It’s possible two women or two men could be voted as royalty. Fehringer said the change was designed to make it more inclusive and get more people involved.

“We have more girls on campus, so we want to give them an opportunity,” Fehringer said. “If we have two girls or two guys on there, it will turn out to be what we choose as a campus.”

Also new this year, the coronation ceremony will be during halftime of the football game Oct. 5. The entire court will participate in the parade earlier that day, instead of just the royalty, as done in the past.

Kaylee Prenosil, co-coordinator of Spirit and Traditions, said the renaming of “Mr. WSC” also reflects a shift in the culture on campus. The event will now be called “So You Think You’re a Wildcat?” and remains the same talent-based competition.

“When the winner is chosen, whatever gender, it’s still going to be either Mr. WSC or Miss WSC,” Prenosil said. “It’s just the overall name has changed to be more inclusive.”

Kaitlynne Ellis, a family and consumer science major, said she looks forward to “So You Think You’re a Wildcat?” as well as the parade. “I think the homecoming parade is fun to attend and be in,” Ellis said. “You get to see most of the clubs and lots of familiar faces.”

Every day of homecoming week will have its own theme based on the major event of the day. The themes for Monday through Saturday will be: safari, pajama, beach, decades, sports and WSC pride, respectively.

Fehringer said the themes were also influenced by what students want and what the Student Activities Board had available for repurposing.

WSC sophomore Lateasiah Bordy said she doesn’t get too excited about the themes and costumes but looks forward to the events.

“I always love when there’s a hypnotist on campus,” Bordy said. “Especially after a few weeks of classes just having a good laugh is exactly what I need.”

Prenosil said while WSC’s homecoming has gone smoothly in the past, there are more backup plans this year in case of weather.

This year’s homecoming court will be announced Friday, Sept. 27.