NBA 2k20 proves better than 2k19

Elijah Boose, Staff Writer

NBA 2k20 is here and it is better than ever before. 2k20 is a new basketball game that dropped Friday, Sept 6.

It is the 21st installment and is the successor of NBA 2k19. Every year 2k drops a new game and this year is the best one yet.

Based on the fact that they have brought back so many previous things in the game from other NBA 2k games like Park Rep, which was really big in 2k17 now they have that again in this year’s game which gives people the chance to play Park. This is fun because you get the chance to play against other players across the world.

I’ve actually gotten the chance to play the new game over the weekend. Career mode is where you can go and build your own player.

You get to go through all of these great cut scenes, and it actually feels like you are in in the game.

It has many new players in the game and also a lot of new characters for the career mode, including LeBron James, who produced the career mode; actor Idris Elba; NBA player, who is on the cover of the game; Anthony Davis, Jason Tatum and many more.

Another other great thing in 2k is my team, which is where you can put together your own team and put any players on it.

What is also nice is for the first time they’ve added WNBA players to the game on The Play Now Match which gives ladies the chance to play with women’s teams and not have to play with men’s NBA teams.

Although the game has only been out for a few days, it does have a few bad features. 2k producers said they will release a day 1 patch to fix all the little bugs and tweaks the game has but that is TBA. 2k is out all around the world for $59.99 or $99.99.