WSC professor airs podcast

Cody Beckman, Staff Writer

Postcards from Wayne State, headed by WSC professor Michael Marek, officially aired on 91.9, “The Cat” on Aug. 23.

Marek is doing this podcast for two reasons. First, for personal satisfaction, and second, because he hopes that the podcast will benefit WSC and be a template for future podcast students.

“Interesting people are doing interesting things at WSC, and this is an opportunity to give them an opportunity to talk about what they do and to be heard,” Marek said.

Marek will air the podcast once a week, with new episodes premiering every Friday throughout both semesters. Breaks in the podcast will occur during the summer and winter breaks. The podcast can be heard in the student radio station, which is done with student coordination at 91.9, “The Cat.”

The premiere of the first podcast featured Jay Collier, head of WSC college relations, because Dr. Marek wanted to fill the students in on what happened on campus over the summer. In their discussion, they talked about new partnerships, facility renovations, the role of the college relations office and new sports/club programs.

“Podcasts are a great resource for members of the community who want to hear from campus leadership and interesting community members,” Collier said.