WSC supports diversity

Ronan Urvina, Staff Writer

Wayne State College (WSC), home of the Wildcats, is diverse in housing students from different races, its campus values people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities.

They saw an increase in students from different races, from last year’s fall semester the total amount of nonwhite students attending Wayne State was reported to be as much as 640 out of 3626 students.

WSC broke its record of freshman attending the college as the new freshmen headcount was more than 720. This year’s total incomers isn’t yet available, because the number of students staying is yet to be determined.

Diversity and multiculturalism, is as important for the college as it is for the students. Diversity for the campus makes it a more welcoming environment for anyone who is hoping to continue or start their studies.

A college’s development relies on its society being inclusive and accepting of diverse populations. For students it is very important to interact with people from different ethnicities, since college might be the first time they are exposed to different cultural groups as they can learn from the different cultures of the people they bump into on campus.

Senior defensive end Kolbie Foster said he’s seen an increase of new faces on the team.

“I know on the football team there’s people from across the country, I know that we do have a lot of international students,” Foster said.

Last year, Foster had the opportunity to visit Curacao, the home island of a few international students whom he calls friends. During his vacation, he attended a Carnival and was able to learn more about their culture and other traditions.

“I think that there is plenty of diversity on our campus, and it has also broadened my horizons,” Foster said. “I have been to places I probably wouldn’t have been to if I didn’t meet them.”

There are different clubs at Wayne State College that represent the different ethnicities such as the Black Student Association, Latinos Uniting and the Spanish Club. The clubs are not only exclusive to people of that specific ethnicity, and are open for anyone to join. On campus, different racial groups normally interact with each other to the point where no one has to feel left out.

Students are able to feel comfortable as ethnicity and race rarely play a role when interacting with different people. According to the admission’s office, approximately 100 international students were tallied up from 26 different countries, with one third coming from the Dutch Caribbean Island Curacao.

WSC has an agreement with the island’s government which makes it easier for students from Curacao to receive an in-state tuition in the upcoming years.

Fashion merchandising senior Tais Finx is one of the international students from Curacao.

“I feel very comfortable, and that’s mainly because the people here are friendly,” Finx said. “I also have people from the same island here that I can relate to and talk to about anything.”

WSC has different ways of making students feel like they can have a part of home away from home. Events and activities hosted by the clubs such as the International Dinner by the Multicultural Club, aren’t limited to just international students and are open to anyone.

Racial barriers are never an issue as students are quick to accept people from different backgrounds and races and are open to learn from them.

“There are moments where you want to be with people from your culture, but we still accept everyone that’s willing to hang out,” Finx said.

WSC will always strive to keep a diverse and safe environment, for new students hoping to apply in the upcoming years. I hope to see an increase in the number of freshman students and those of different ethnicities.