Skillet celebrates tenth studio album

Ashley Ternus, Staff Writer

Christian rock band Skillet released their tenth studio album on Aug. 2 and it didn’t disappoint.

The new album “Victorious,” is very well composed and is immediately a recognizable work.

The album kicks off with “Legendary,” a hard song with vocals by both lead singer John Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger.

The beat is energizing and forceful while the lyrics, “Destiny is callin’ me / Go down in history,” are motivational.

It is definitely one of my favorites off of this album, and I don’t think they could have opened with any other song.

Three songs in, we meet the title track, “Victorious.” The song starts off with some beautiful string work, beginning gentle and really building momentum for the refrain.

The movement of the melody and the lyrics work together to demonstrate the way the subject rises from a moment of weakness to becoming stronger.

According to AZ Lyrics, Cooper wrote this song “For people who suffer from depression. I wanted to tell them that they are not alone.”

Hopefully, it can encourage people to transcend the dark places they live in.”

This song is so full of strong emotions, and is most likely my new top song from Skillet.

“This is the Kingdom” starts off with a steady beat, staying about the same pace through the refrain.

This song obviously demonstrates Skillet’s Christian influence through lyrics that have a strong resemblance to “The Beatitudes” and other stories in the Bible.

I am very proud of this band for successfully building a rock career while also staying true to its faith.

Skillet slows the pace down a little for “Terrify the Dark” and “Anchor.”

Usually, I would expect a depressing ballad however, these songs are not about defeat or depression.

These songs have strong religious roots and are full of deep emotions and melodies.

Both songs are beautifully composed works about love, trust and faith.

The rest of the album is full of wonderfully constructed rock. I would not consider any of the songs to be fillers, and I believe each song fulfills a purpose by spreading an individual message.

There are calls for the listener to rise to their full potential, and hidden requests to encourage the listener to take a stand and fight for what they want.

One specific song, “Save me,” is a request for help, but also a call for action from those who may just stand by and do nothing.

Skillet stays true to its original sound and purpose through every song, and I can tell that the band spent time and hard work on every song.

“Finish Line” has a unique beginning and is another one of my favorites. It is different from Skillet’s usual sound, but also features the background string instruments that ties them back to their original music.

It is sassy, empowering and is something I would listen to for motivation. It is followed by “Back to Life,” which is a strong finish for the album, and leaves the listener feeling strong and courageous.

Overall, this album is a cup full to the brim with indulgent content. Each song has its own meaning and brings the listener through a journey of destruction followed by righteousness and empowerment.

The theme of the album could very clearly be about our rise above our struggles and weakness and how we overcome our battles.

Skillet has been rocking since its first release in 1996, and their sound has gone through a lot of development through the years while still sounding like the band that I love and enjoy.

So far, the band has kept up with releasing a new album every three years since the release of “Collide” in 2003, and this gives me hope for another album release in late 2022.

“Victorious” fulfilled all my expectations, and I encourage anyone interested in trying some hard rock to give them a listen.