‘Estuaries’ show opens

Otis Hopkins, Staff Writer

Artist Camille Voorhees spoke at Wayne State College on Aug. 29 at the opening of her exhibit “Estuaries” at the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery.

Voorhees, who is from the Midwest, and is now a resident to Omaha.

She studied printmaking while in school at University of Nebraska- Lincoln, which plays a part in her art designs.

Her work has been shown nationally, as well as internationally, at the Joslyn Art Museum, the Sheldon Museum of Art and in a museum in Turkey.

She has some work on her computer using software, Voorhees said there is a difference but when asked is a there a difference between hand and computer.

“There is a disconnection between the work when done digitally I prefer by hand,” Voorhees said.

When listening to her to I was fascinated how she talked about her work.

All the drawings are one continuous line, and she doesn’t pick her pen up until she is done, then goes back and adds thickness to where she wants to.

She said she collaborated with an artist in Omaha and they worked on a feminist project, making a red house out of thrift store clothing.

They wanted to have the community come together and cut, then sew it into a cloth and lay it on the ground for other people to enter.

One design she displayed was the word love written in a spiral.

It was so cool how she did it, and when you see it makes you feel good and you want to do people.

If you want to experience her work the show runs through Sept. 26 in the gallery, located inside the U.S. Conn Library.