WSC welcomes class of 2023

Freshman class of 2019 Participates in Week of Welcome Event

Ashley Ternus, Staff Writer

The Wildcat Class of 2023 was officially introduced to their new home at Wayne State College with Week of Welcome on August 16.

The week kicked off with move-in, followed by the convocation ceremony and lunch in the Willow Bowl. Before saying goodbye to their families, the new Wildcats were formally welcomed by WSC President Marsyz Rames, Vice President of Academic Affairs Steve Elliott, Alumni Guest Dean Jacobs, and Student Senate President Jorge Adame.

Thoroughly designed, the purpose of WOW is to introduce new freshman to the campus, classrooms, faculty and fellow students. The freshmen were placed into groups led by upperclassmen ambassadors who served as their guide for the week. Austin Fernau, a Resident Assistant for Neihardt Hall, lead as an ambassador.

“Week of Welcome was a lot of fun,” Fernau said. “I like showing the students around, being the friendly face around campus so people can come to you if they have questions . . . just having fun and giving [the students] the whole college experience in the first two days so they can get their mind off [being] away from home for the next few months, and also getting them into the transition of being by themselves.”

After getting to know each other through small group activities, freshmen were given the chance to tour campus on Saturday. Students like Brooke Haase said this was a beneficial activity.

“I like how they brought us to our classes, so we did not get lost on the first day,” Haase said.

The rest of the week was filled with plenty of outdoor and indoor activities, including a glow in the dark paint party Friday night, a midnight carnival and hypnotist Jim Wand.

“I really felt like I got to know a lot more people than I would have if I would not have gone to all of the events,” freshman Jaedyn Leisy said.

The weekend also featured informative sessions, including a Network and Technology Services introduction and a campus security presentation. America’s Got Talent’s improv comedian Adam Grabowsky also gave a show on Title IX compliance and consent while also engaging the audience with a comedy show. Many students gave positive reviews of the weekend.

“10 out of 10, would go to Week of Welcome again,” freshman Hannah Mills said.