New professors join WSC


Julia Baxter

Dr. Dustin Reed is among the 11 new professors this year at Wayne State.

Zachary Hain, Staff Writer

11 new professors are among the changes Wayne State College welcomed for the 2019-2020 school year.

Dr. Dustin Reed is one of the new professors in the Education and Counseling Department. Dr. Reed has been teaching for nearly twenty years before his arrival at Wayne State. He started teaching by tutoring in his chemistry honors class. Reed got his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at the University of New Orleans. He completed his Masters’ in Health Sciences in rehabilitation counseling at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, and his Doctorate in Philosophy in counselor education supervision at the University of Holy Cross, also in New Orleans.

“I’ve been teaching in one form or another since I was 18 years old,” Reed said.

Dr. Rusty Ruth, or Master Ruth, is another of the new professors here on campus. Ruth teaches in the Arts and Humanities Department. As he moves forward with his lessons, Ruth plans to teach more acting courses, including a dramatic criticism course in the spring. He also hopes to introduce acting for athletes, a course that’s more physical and focuses on the student athletes.

Ruth completed his Undergraduate degree at the University of South Dakota, and he got his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota-Mankato, specializing in directing. He also has a background in acting.

“I’ve also done significant work as a regional actor through the Black Hills Playhouse, Highland Summer Theatre and the Dakota Players,” Ruth said.

Ruth felt he was in good spirits when applying at WSC, and stated that the campus was a good-sized school for him to teach.

“When I had my interview [at WSC], right away it felt welcoming,” Ruth said.

In addition to the welcoming campus, Ruth also looks forward to working with Brian Begley, Assistant Professor in the Communication Arts Department.

“When I saw the position, and when I saw that Brian Begley was the other theatre person, I was excited because I’ve known Brian for many years,” Ruth said. “He was at USD getting his graduate degree when I was getting my undergrad.

With every new school year, Wayne State College goes through a period of change. Reed, Ruth and the other nine new professors are a new change the campus will be experiencing.

Julia Baxter
Dr. Dustin Reed is among the 11 new professors this year at Wayne State.