Hate comment approved

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

I got my first hate comment! I don’t think it was supposed to boost my ego, but it did. I got my first hate comment under an article I wrote about Logic’s “Supermarket Soundtrack.” In a short summary, I s*** on the whole album and provided clinical details about why I thought it was so awful.

Justin Bergh showed me an anonymous message (it wasn’t really anonymous, I just don’t want to put this kid on blast) that reads, “For shame Kaitlynn for shame can tell you’re not a fan of music as a whole if you can’t feel the flow well to bad maybe you will one day.”

I understand there’s grammatical issues in that quote, and I’m leaving it for authenticity reasons because that’s how it was sent in. I would first like to point out that I find it endearing that within all the spelling errors, he spelled my name right. Most people spell my name wrong in emails that very clearly have my name in them, so I actually really appreciate that he spelled it correctly.

With receiving this comment, it also shows that people do actually read my stuff! I feel like my friends and my mom read my articles, and that’s about it. So, someone taking the time to tell me I’m dumb really boosted my ego. Because in my head I was like, “Oh dang, people read that?”

To be fair, just because one idiot on the internet wrote an article calling an album you like “dumpster fire trash,” doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet agrees (even though they should.)

Also, I publicly s*** on most of the WSC baseball team and even they haven’t left me hate comments. Though I wish they would, so I could have writing material.

I hope that as I continue writing stories about my rat roommate and my dumb opinions, comes more hate comments that I can save as my lock screen. Thank you “anonymous” commenter for reading and boosting my slowly rising ego, and thank you mom for linking my stories in emails to your friends at work.