Gone horizontal

Kadra Sommersted-Simmons, Staff Writer

My favorite saying is “Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one, but nobody wants to hear about yours.”

Yeah, that’s fair. But, what if, by chance, you agree with mine? I would venture to say I am not the only one who has turned 21 with some DMV difficulties or a fun celebration in tow.

Around my 21st birthday, I went to get my license renewed so I would have a horizontal I.D. While at the DMV, I was met with a few frustrations: waiting there first, but going in last; having the wrong number called and being the only one there; re-registering my new voting county and getting the wrong party recorded; and the DMV people leaving before my voter registration could be fixed.

Every frustration, excluding the voter registration, was prior to my picture. I am a dramatic person, and I was upset to say the least. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t calling numbers until I had been waiting for over half an hour, and then I was told to grab one. I was fuming after this because I didn’t like how it was done. After another 20 minutes, I was able to get in and have my license updated. Hallelujah! I could walk upstairs for my paper copy.

That’s when I had discovered that I had looked too quickly at my paper, and I was registered for the wrong political party. Thankfully, the county clerk was able to assist me with my voter registration. I finally had a horizontal license, and that was the most important part.

Being my typical self, my attitude got the better of me so my license picture looks like I want to be Medusa turning people to stone. I laughed for the rest of the day because of how I looked, when all I wanted was a straight face. But thankfully, my RBF (resting b**** face) got the better of me. At least if I get pulled over by a cop my face won’t look too happy anyways.

I endured all of this so I would be able to celebrate my 21st birthday the drinking way.

Fast-forward to my 21st birthday, I spent the majority of my day with my parents – drinking with my mom. Margaritas, boozy shakes and wine – all spread out through the course of the afternoon. It was a blast because my mom and dad both spent time with me and enjoyed.

Not many people turning 21 would say they looked forward to going out for drinks with their mom or dad or both, but I was telling anyone who would listen (including now) that I got to drink with my mom.

Later that night my boyfriend also bought me a drink at a bar – fruity goodness.

All-in-all it was a good day, and you’ve gotten to this point wondering what my actual opinion is. Well, my opinion is: work on making your resting, straight-face not seem criminal, and go with your parents for your first alcoholic drink in public because it is just as big of a day for them as it is for you.