Volleyball picked fourth in NSIC preseason coaches poll

Cameron Waddington, Staff Writer

The Wildcat volleyball season is approaching quickly. Coaches, players, and fans have high hopes for the team this year. After only losing a single starter from last year’s team and gaining six new faces full of talent head coach Scott Kneifl has high hopes for the team.

Not only does Coach Kneifl have high hopes, the Wildcats were listed fourth in NSIC preseason volleyball coaches poll, which is fantastic news for WSC volleyball fans.

“It’s a mixture of upperclassmen, along with a talented freshmen group that we are really excited about and our practices have been phenomenal up to this point,” Kneifl said.

The competition is fierce during practice, everyone battling it out for their favored positions. With a whopping 18 women on the team, that locker room is packed to the brim with talent and drive.

“The competition in the gym is crazy and it has made for an enjoyable preseason so far,” Kneifl said.

“We have been working really hard to better every ball. We still have some room for improvement, but I think we have been definitely doing our best to play our best,” sophomore Lauren Jacobsen said.

Before the regular conference season is underway, our Wildcats will be travelling all over the country to Joplin, Missouri, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for tournaments that Kneifl says are some “big tests before we hit the conference schedule.”

Being in the toughest conference in the country definitely lights a fire under the Wildcat women. They have been working hard on and off the court, working to improve upon last years already amazing record of 22 and 9, though their main goal is to conquer the NCAA championship.

“We don’t feel like we have just six talented players, we have 18 talented players that have an opportunity to play,” Kneifl said.

The Wildcats will kick off their season Friday, Sept. 6 against Cameron University in Joplin, Missouri.