Is Eminem still complaining?

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

About this time last year, I wrote my first music article about the beef between rappers Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Writing that article really increased my interest in The Stater and was the kick off of my “career” here.

Going along with this reflecting session, Eminem has continued to create new music which is great. What isn’t so great to me, however, is that all of his new songs seem to be about the same topic.

Mumble rappers and the new generation of rap. When Eminem released “Kamikaze,” I thought it was incredible that he was dragging the new generation of music, while making the point that his career is still at a high.

The bars were phenomenal and started the conversation of, “Is mumble rap really rap?” Even though I said Eminem definitely took the win in his beef with MGK, it did introduce me more to him. Honestly, I really started to like MGK after that dispute.

As 2018 ended and 2019 started, Eminem continued to make songs on songs about how he doesn’t like the new rap style. It might be slightly controversial of me to talk about Logic after I dragged him for his last questionable album, proceeding that comment online that said I don’t know what good music is. But I’m gonna keep going so if I offend you again, online commenter, I do apologize honestly.

With that being said, Logic followed up his dumpster fire soundtrack album with his newest project, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.”

This isn’t a Logic album review so don’t get too heated, I haven’t even listed to the whole album. I just needed to transition into this so I can talk about the track Eminem is on.

“Homicide,” is the second track on the record featuring our top mumble protestor, the rap god himself. Back to you online commenter, I am wildly impressed with Logic’s shining talent on this song.

Logic’s verse ends in a transition going from him to Eminem and it was executed very well. The song in all is good, but per usual the summary of the song is Eminem complaining about new rap. Eminem has a lot of influence and talent that has carried his career over decades. But his resentment towards changing times is taking over most of his projects.