Birch Room closed temporarily

Evelyn Knox, Staff Writer

Popular Wayne restaurant, The Birch Room, is temporarily closed due to a change of head chef. The Birch Room closed Wednesday, March 20, and is in the process of training a newly hired head chef. Due to contract rules the name of the new head chef is yet to be officially announced.

The Birch Room is a small chophouse and lounge that is connected to The Beaumont Event and Concert Hall on the edge of town off of Highway 15. Their menu features hand-formed burgers that are cooked to order using only locally sourced Nebraska beef.

Owner Josie Broders said the closure is only temporary and the restaurant will reopen once she is confident that the staff is able to continue to ensure the best experience for their customers.

“We were prepared ahead of time for our upcoming events just in case something like this were to happen,” Broders said. “We have everything worked out. In any good business plan you are going to have to be prepared and have a backup.”

The Birch Room is also looking to hire new waitresses and bartenders as classes end in May. The tentative plan is to open the restaurant for limited hours Wednesday through Saturday nights starting March 27.

“Since we are in the process of switching to our new head chef, you might see a new change in menu,” said waitress and bartender Riley Vanderveen. “Honestly, I think that The Birch Room will be a good spot when summer comes around again. I honestly love working here and I love the food, environment and the people I work with. I wish more people would continue to come out and give it a try, especially during happy hour.”

Broders indicated that she plans to return to full hours over the summer.

“I hope that everyone continues to support what we are doing,” Broders said. “We have high standards for quality and we don’t want to be open and give people a bad experience until everything is set. We are always looking to hire especially when school starts and ends.”

The next scheduled event at The Beaumont is set for Saturday, May 4. The Leafy Spurge Band with Jim Casey and The Lightning Band is set to perform for all ages. Doors open at 7 p.m. and Music is set to start at 8 p.m.