Jesse McCartney wins over hearts at WSC spring concert

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

Platinum bestselling music artist Jesse McCartney brought his national college tour to Wayne, America, holding a concert in Rice Auditorium on Sunday night.

McCartney sang a variety of new and throwback songs at the concert.

“They’re all really fun,” McCartney said. “There’s something very satisfying about singing songs like ‘Beautiful Soul’ or any of the hit songs, but I love the new ones too. I think ‘Selfless’ is my new favorite.”

Despite being on multiple tours, McCartney doesn’t have many pet peeves about touring.

“I don’t have any crazy superstitions,” McCartney said. “But on tour I definitely need to have my own pillow and usually my own blanket. I usually end up stopping at a Walmart or a Target, and end up getting several blankets.”

Despite not knowing about WSC prior to the tour date, McCartney didn’t let the flooding stop him from visiting.

“I had to swim,” McCartney said. “We actually took 75 to 35, they were the only two main roads to get to Wayne apparently. We were very nervous that the show was gonna get canceled.”

The concert lived up to the expectations of Jesse McCartney super fan, freshman Tory Heisner.

“I know all of Jesse’s songs and have been a fan of his since I was around the age of five or six,” Heisner said. “It’s changed emotionally because I’ve dreamed of seeing him live for so long and I finally got to!”

McCartney’s charisma on stage is what impressed Heisner the most.

“He’s been touring for such a long time, he’s a professional at it,” Hesiner said. “Being at his concert you can tell how good of a performer he truly is. His songs aren’t standard male performer songs, they paint a picture like out of a romance novel.

“The second he came out on stage I was bawling. I’ve seen One Direction and Jesse McCartney, so I can die peacefully.”

Sophomore Hannah Coonce rates the concert a 7.5 overall.

“I love ‘Beautiful Soul,’ and ‘Leavin,’ he fulfilled that for me,” Coonce said. “I wish it could’ve been longer and maybe some more singers to mix it up!”

Freshman Sarah Roschweski felt slightly awkward during the concert.

“It kind of felt weird that it was just him and his guitarist,” Roschweski said. “When he wasn’t singing the track was still playing with the backup singers on it. It was the most personalized concert I’ve ever been a part of, which I didn’t like.

“I wanted it to feel like a concert, not like I was in someone’s garage listening to it for the first time. But he’s Jesse McCartney so it’s fine.”

McCartney’s visit to Wayne State was unexpected but appreciated by many.