Editorial: have a great spring break, Wildcats

Wayne Stater Staff

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Well folks, it is finally upon us. Spring break is here. Oh excuse me, mid term break. We get it, it’s not spring, but this IS spring break.

No matter what we call it, we all hope everyone has a good and much needed break.

We don’t know about you guys, but this semester has been one of the hardest we can remember. We are  very much looking forward to this break.

If you do plan on going somewhere for break, there are a lot of factors you should think about before you leave and while you are there. Here are some tips to have a fun and safe vacation.

Make sure you packed everything. Double and triple check. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and having to use money meant for other things to pay for something you forgot.   

Rotate positions in the car on a long trip. Rotating drivers, who sits shotgun and who rides in the back will keep everyone rested and fresh for the drive. Each position has its own set of rules to follow.

Driver obviously drives and stays aware. Shotgun rider stays awake and navigates. Also takes care of the music, unless they are the one friend with terrible taste in music. Backseat riders are allowed to sleep so they are fresh for their next driving shift.

They are also the masters of the snacks and drinks. Take care of your front seat companions so they take care of you when it is your turn.

Make sure your car is in condition for the trip. Not just mechanically, but make sure your license and insurance is up to date. Don’t rely solely on your phone’s GPS. In this day and age we can become too reliant on our devices.

While it is a good and helpful tool for your trip, take a map with you. If you get into an area with bad service and can’t rely on your phone anymore, a map is a good back up.

Check the weather for where you are going. Know what the weather is going to be like so you can pack accordingly. Not only check for where you are going, but check how the weather will be on your drive. Be fully prepared for any tough conditions that might arise on your way there.

We understand spring break is a time to have fun with your friends. Often times this involves alcohol. Be smart. Know your limits.

And it goes without saying, but please don’t drink and drive. Or get in a car with someone who is intoxicated. It isn’t worth it. We want to see every single one of you back here after spring break. Look up the alcohol laws of the place you will be going if you do plan on drinking.

Always keep a eye on your drink. Don’t leave it somewhere for an extended period of time where someone can do something to it. Make sure you eat before you go out to drink. DRINK WATER. It is easy to forget on spring break, but you will have more fun and feel better in the morning if you drink enough water.

Take proper precautions if you are going somewhere warm and sunny. The sun can maximize the effects of alcohol.

Remembering to use sunscreen can seem like the last thing on your mind when you are trying to have fun. When in fact it is one of the most important things you can do.

Spring break can be expensive. Bring your student ID. A lot of restaurants and establishment will have discounts for students on spring break. Buy groceries when you get to your destination. Eating out for every meal will add up.

If you have some cheap groceries to take away from eating out everytime can help you save more money you can use elsewhere on your trip. BYOB.

Even though some places may give students discounts, one place will not. The bar. Getting all of your drinks at the bar will run you out of money in your first few days. Buying alcohol to drink before you go out will allow you to still have a good time at the bar for less money.

Think about and plan a budget before you leave. Take a real look at your financial situation before you go.

Don’t put yourself in a tough spot for when you get back. Traveling with your friends is one of the best experiences you will have in college or in life.

Don’t miss out on going, but be realistic about how much you can spend on the trip.    

At some point in your trip, you are going to have to use the ATM. If  you are going to a big spring break location, it is just a fact that someone will be trying to steal credit information. Be discreet and smart when using the ATM.

The main point of advice we can give you is have fun. Spring break can be a great experience if you are smart.

We want to hear your stories of spring break here at the Wayne Stater. When you get back, write about it.

It will it not only be a great way for you to remence on your experience, it will be a great way to share everyone’s experience of one of the funnest times of your college career.

Take a ton of pictures of your trip. You will want pictures when you get back. Send a story and some pictures of your trip to us at [email protected]

No two stories or experiences are the same, and we want to hear all of them. Have fun and be safe. We’ll see you all back for a great second half of the semester.   

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