Club Spotlight: Comedy Club

This club is sure to tickle your funny bone

Kadra Sommersted, Reporter

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As it has been said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There’s no better way than to get into the goofy mood like Comedy Club, a new club that is being brought to campus.

Comedy Club had their first meeting held last night in the Blackbox Theatre in Ramsey.

Junior Julia Baxter and senior Caleb Green are co-founders of the new Comedy Club.

“Starting a club isn’t too difficult,” Baxter said. “As long as you are excited, and are able to find other people that share your excitement.”

Baxter said they needed 10 signatures from people who are interested in joining the club, a sponsor, and club basics. These basics include a constitution and leaders.

The sponsor for the club will be Brian Begley.

“We started the club for lots of reasons,” Baxter said. “We really wanted to give students interested in comedy, but not necessarily theatre, an outlet for their talents and a place of their own in the comedy club.”

Green said they wanted a club that wasn’t all about being professional.

“This is a club about the appreciation of comedy, so we don’t really plan to structure the club based off of office or stature,” Green said.

Green said the leadership will be easy because all members will be seen as equals with equal say.

“We thought a comedy club would be a great place for like minded individuals to gather, and for people to just have fun,” Baxter said.

Baxter said the club is open to anyone interested and anyone can go to the meeting. She said it’s an open club for anyone to have fun and have their hand at comedy.

“We hope to expand to find people with an interest for all things funny, and maybe performing at other events on campus,” Green said.

Baxter said that everyone in the club will have a voice, everyone has a chance to contribute to the club, and can help shape the club in their own ways.

“We hope to be a different club,” Green said. “A club not ruled by position or pomp and circumstance.”

Green said he is sure they will get people who are passionate about comedy, and they will find a home within the comedy club.

For more information, contact Julia Baxter or Caleb Green.

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