A Capella group Blue Jupiter returns to WSC

Ana Mata, Reporter

The creative a capella group Blue Jupiter performed in Ramsey Theatre on Jan. 25 with their own twists on well-known songs and charmed the audience with their upbeat attitude.

Blue Jupiter first formed in 2001 and the group has been through a few changes since the beginning of their careers. They have also worked with many big-name companies such as Nickelodeon, CBS, Food Network and even ABC.

“What we do is, we take songs and we turn them on their heads,” said Diana Preisler, lead female singer of Blue Jupiter. “Every sound that you’re hearing on stage from Blue Jupiter is made using the human voice.”

During their show, they performed songs such as “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts, “Dj got us fallin’ in love again” by Usher and other mashups with one having over 20 songs incorporated into it.

“I always admire their ability to sing the way they do,” said Marty Gasper, Blue Jupiter’s beat bass. “I don’t have that control over my voice . . . but to that end, they can’t do what I do, so it’s a good pairing for us.”

Blue Jupiter has done over 200 shows all over the U.S., Canada, China, and Japan; they made a stop in Wayne before they begin their next tour in Costa Rica.

“Blue Jupiter was super cool, they had a super fun and relaxed mood to them,” education major Michelle Mass said. “I especially enjoyed their mashup of songs. It had such smooth transitions and it was so cool.”

After the show ended Blue Jupiter stayed and had a Q & A session with the audience, answering any questions and talking about some of their shows in Hong Kong and Costa Rica from previous years.

“I liked how funny they were and how they had a lot of energy,” elementary education major Frances Hoffman said. “I thought it was nice how they stayed after to talk to everyone and how they were willing to answer questions.”

Blue Jupiter left the audience feeling energized and happy, despite the late hour the show had begun and ended.

Amelia Ivester