Supreme Court deal blow to the LGBT community

Justin Yost, Opinion Editor

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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban going into effect on Tuesday.

I don’t even want to say anything else about this. What do I say? These American heros will be kicked out of the military and banned from even joining. All because our fake Christian president decided he was going to ban them via Twitter, while watching Fox News. Yes, he is a fake Christian. Remember all the times he’s cheated on his multiple wives and paid off two of them to stay quiet? Or his countless accusations of sexual assault and admitting to sexually assaulting women on tape?

But that is not the main reason I am mad and disgusted in Trump or the Republican party today. Time and time again, this administration has put forward policies that are racist, sexist or divide the nation.

The travel ban on countries that are predominantly Muslim, separating families at our southern border, closing the government and holding Dreamers hostage for a racist symbol of a wall and of course this military ban for transgender soldiers to name just a few.

All of these policies are born out of the far right. And the far right has always had Trump’s ear, whether that be Steve Bannon or Stephen Miller. Some of these policies are stopped by the courts the second Trump announces them because they are wrong morally and often times illegal. Once the fight in the courts begins the far-right players in the Trump administration go onto Trump’s own state-run television network, Fox News, to use scare tactics on Republicans who maybe aren’t as far right as them, but won’t do any other research except watching Fox News.

Since they do no other research, they take everything these racist mouth-pieces spew out as fact. What happened to this invasion at our southern border? We were told we have a crisis at the border. All these bad people from the Middle East flew to Central America to join the caravan, and the only way to save our way of life was the wall.

That was over a month ago, and the only crisis we have is our federal workers who haven’t received a paycheck in a month.

Using these scare tactics have helped rile up their base, but often times the courts save us from the policies actually going into effect.

But then came yesterday, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the military ban. The Justices did not rule on the merits of the case, but are allowing the ban to move forward while lower courts work it out. So the policy will take effect for now, while lower courts hear appeals. There is still, I believe, a good chance the policy will be shot down by the lower courts like they did when it was announced.

But for all of the extremely brave men and women who will be affected by this decision it is too late. They are willing to risk their lives for the safety of the same people who look down on them. Including our draft-dodging president.

The four liberal justices on the court objected to allowing the administration’s policy going into effect.

This is a Republican policy, and history will look down on this administration and the Republican party for letting them get away with their morally wrong policies.

America is truly going through a dark time, and losing its place as the most powerful nation in the world.

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