Wayne State College becomes a top ranked school

WSC places on top with their Human development and family studies program

Morgan Cardenas, Reporter

The programs for human development and family studies at Wayne State were recently named in the top rank in Nebraska and top one percent in the United States by College Factual. Programs of study including early childhood, family and consumer science and family life studies were recognized among the best in the nation.

“This is not just one program,” a professor for family and consumer sciences, Pamela Langelie-Willers said. “It encompasses a number of majors and minors that concentrate on how we can best support families in our society.”

Carol Erwin, another professor for family and consumer sciences, explained how the major is all about meeting the needs of all human beings, as described by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. She also went on to talk about how they are trying to prepare their students for their jobs as well as their lives.

“Our students really have a heart for helping people and really want to make a difference in this world,” Erwin said. “They’re out there and getting the jobs that they want and are satisfied with them.”

Junior Toni Wiese is majoring in family and consumer science and talked about how much she loves this program. She wants to teach other students who share the same passion that she does for family and consumer science and he believes her professors are helping her get there.

“I think that my teachers are very relatable to us,’ Wiese said. “Almost all of them have been teaching for 10 or more years or have taught in schools so they understand us and the content that they’re showing us.”

Wiese stated that the professors keep the classes engaging for the students and are open to different teaching styles. She described how some of the classes are hands-on and really help them learn since they will actually be doing those specific things in their classes.

“Our biggest strength is the fact that our students really get personalized attention,” Erwin said. “We are able to help our students get the courses that they need for their program in as short amount of time as we can. We ask when they want to get out of here and we talk about those goals and how to get them through in that certain amount of time.”

College Factual determines the ranking of programs by their graduation rates, education quality, accreditation and many other factors. They only rank four-year colleges and universities and provide information for students to have the best outcomes at the best cost.

“I mention in my classes to build curiosity and life-long learning,” Erwin said. “Even though you’re out of college, you will continue to learn and grow and to incorporate that into your job and life. When I see that my former students are successful and continue on their path, I think it’s so great and I know that we gave them that foundation to get started.”

Being top ranked in the state is a great achievement for both the college and the programs. This shows how hard the students and professors in this field have worked and will continue to work in producing even better teachers.