Alleged assault on WSC campus

Derek Pufahl, Staff Writer

Campus Security sent out a college-wide Timely Notification Bulletin on Oct. 13 via e-mail which notified the college community of an assault on Oct. 10 in Denkinger Circle. This timely warning was sent out in response to a student’s Facebook post.

Since then, the Facebook post has been taken down.

The e-mail stated the incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. in Denkinger Circle (between Morey and Terrace Halls). The description of the incident reported that a female on-campus student was approached from behind by a male, who grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to the ground. The suspect, described as a male wearing a plain black hooded sweatshirt, then fled on foot.

The incident was not reported directly to Campus Security or the Wayne Police Department. Rather, Campus Security was notified about the Facebook post by a friend of the alleged victim.

The post described the incident and claimed that the student had contacted Campus Security, which she had not done.

Campus Security contacted the student, who gave them the same basic information reported in the Facebook post and which was sent in the college-wide e-mail.

Campus Security decided that circumstances existed which may have posed a threat to members and guests of the college campus community.

As a matter of safety and for public information, in accordance with The Clery Act, the Timely Notification Bulletin was sent out.

“We simply responded to a Facebook posting,” Campus Security Manager Jason Mrsny said. “We stress caution, but nothing has been officially reported.”

Since the student’s conversation with Campus Security, the Facebook post has been taken down. She has not tried to file a report. She has not tried to get in contact with, nor has she responded to calls from, Campus Security or the Wayne Police Department.

“We have to stress that this was an ‘alleged’ assault,” Mrsny said. “We urge anyone with more information on the matter to come to Campus Security or the Wayne Police Department.”

Although there have been no reports of assault this semester, Campus Security recommends that people walk in groups as much as possible and report crimes if they should arise by immediately calling 911.

As stated in the Timely Notification Bulletin, Campus Security provides vehicle or escort assistance to campus members and visitors any time that a person feels apprehensive about walking alone. Campus Security also offers self-defense training.

For more information about personal safety, contact Campus Security at 402-375-7216.