SAB has big plans for students for the semester

Some plans include a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Mall of America

Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

As the new semester begins, the Student Activities Board starts planning all the events that they will put on throughout the rest of the year.

SAB creates events that entertain and involve the students at Wayne State. Most of them have prizes atendees could win.

“We have lots of cool stuff going on,” said Sarah Gunion, Student Activities Coordinator. “Our big spring concert is Jesse McCartney and that’ll be on St. Patrick’s Day. We’re super excited about that.”

Gunion also explained they have an arts and crafts day once a month called Willy Wednesday. Throughout the month of Jan., there will be Twisted Putt-Putt Golf, a giant dodgeball tournament, and an acapella group performance.

“We are doing something different this year by planning some trips,” Gunion said. “There will be a limited number of seats available, so it will be first come, first serve.”

Some trips that SAB has planned are snow tubing in Sioux City in Feb., a day trip to the zoo, and a visit to the Mall of America in Minnesota in March. These trips will have the transportation and admissions fees already payed for through SAB and are available to the whole student body.

“Every event we do usually has contracts that are involved, there’s catering available or a big enough space,” Gunion said. “There’s a lot of behind the scenes work we do to make sure everything looks right and everyone is enjoying themselves.”

Planning for these events happens months before the next semester starts and takes a lot of preparation in order for everything to run smoothly. SAB usually has volunteers to help them with setting up and running the events.

“I’m hoping students go to the events and engage with other students and meet new people,” Gunion said. “I want them to make some really good memories because I know when I was an undergrad I remember some of my teachers or classes, but I really remember going to the events with my friends and having so much fun. That will always stick with me.”

SAB has meetings every Wed. at 5:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood Room and is open to any student.