Is there hope for the Republic?

Dead in the Water

Jacob Stewart, Column Writer

We’ve survived another year, readers. Yet for those of us who were watching, for those who listened, 2018 dealt one blow after another, crippling whatever sanity we might have left.

Under Trump, America has been driven into the Dark Ages, and who knows how long it will take to repair the damage that has been done?

However, we have seen the beginning of the reconstruction, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Indeed. The victories won by the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives were exactly what we needed to help slow the blood loss, but Trump provided another wound with the recent government shutdown, an act that revealed the length he is willing to go to get his way.

America becoming another victim of a crooked businessman. Either that, or Trump simply is a man with the temper of a toddler, but I’m going to leave my money on him being a crook.

After all, any parent will tell you that a toddler can at least grow out of the tantrums.

I want to try and focus on the positives, folks. I want to look our new congressional body as a true representation of what this country stands for.

No longer is it inhabited strictly by old white men (although there are still plenty of them there), but by women and minorities. It’s an honest mirror image, and it’s about bloody time for that. Yet it’s difficult to maintain that state of mind when the White House remains under the control of the ugly extortionist who is willing to replay Russia’s narrative of its “necessary” invasion of Afghanistan in the latter half of the 20th century without any regard for the impact of the truth.

Of course, he’s already proven the fact that he is uninterested in the truth. One needs only to look back at the horrific murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

I know that I’ve spoken on this matter before, but it is something I am unwilling to forget, let alone, forgive because it stands to show that Trump has no love for this country or the people that are apart of it.

He cares only for the gains he can create or manipulate for himself. And somehow, even after that, after all of the evil that he has revealed about himself, there are still those who support him. Then again, I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Even Hitler had followers right up until the bloody end of his reign.I suppose we can just add that to the many other similarities already attributed to these two….

Our only hope now, readers, is in the newly elected representatives that have claimed the House. If they can put an end to the madness, we might finally see a return to peace and sanity.

I say this knowing all to well that it won’t be an easy process. We’re likely to see some bitter fighting here in 2019, and who knows what the presidential campaigning season will look like, but with any luck, we’ll come out on the other side with someone who knows how to lead rather than act like a small-time criminal who somehow found their way to the grownup’s table.