Opened CAT building excites students & faculty

The building’s opening was long awaited

Tarik Urvina, Staff Writer

The Center for Applied Technology building at the Wayne State College is finally done and ready for use. The building known around Campus as ‘CAT’ is prepared and all set for the spring semester. Students and faculty members are excited about the new facilities of the addition on campus.

The ‘CAT’ building which is connected to the Benthack, will host several programs such as Industrial Technology, Construction Management, Computer Science, Manufacturing and Drafting and Design. There are also some business classes which will be held in the ‘CAT’ building.

Each of the labs on the second floor is focusing on a specific area, such as robotics where they will be programming, PC repair and networking. They even have a robot named Baxter in one of the classes and a kind of special ring in which they have the robots do challenges.

Jeff Allen an associate professor of industrial technology is very satisfied with the final work.

“It’s a beautiful space, the light is incredible, its open it’s airy and I think that’s going to be a good environment for learning,” Allen said.

Although the building is finished and set for the classes already there are still a few small things on which they need to work on, some of the door locks don’t work but those are small things on which they are working on. Overall the faculty members are very content with the building so far and think that it is a good investment for now and the future.

“It will be a good space for I think forty years,” Allen said. “It is designed in a way that as the technology changes this building. It will go right along with that, new change, new equipments, etcetra. It is going to be a great facility for a long time,” Allen said.

Professor Donald Buryanek of the drafting classes is also delighted with the end result.

“New spaces, new equipment, new opportunity for students,” Buryanek said. “If there is any con I guess it will be how to use all the new equipments. That’s a good con. It is going to be a great facility not only here for the students in WSC but also the high school and other people within Northeast Nebraska. It will have a regional impact.”

Besides the teachers and faculty members the students were also satisfied about the new ‘CAT’ building and enjoyed the spaces and the lounges where you can sit and relax in between your classes.

“My first experience is that the building is pretty amazing. It looks very nice and modern,” Tais Finx said. “I liked also my computer lab because the computers were modern and had two screens which is very easy for us and when we need to do the drawings for our fashion illustration class. Overall it was just very nice and modern and I’m looking forward ohaving classes in that building this semester,” Everyone is happy with the end result so far of the ‘CAT’ building. Students and faculty members are welcome to come take a look at our new addition at the Wayne State College campus.