Kori’s stamp of approval is rewarded to Vel’s Bakery

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

To jump right in and say Vel’s Bakery is underrated is definitely an understatement. I’ve been going to Wayne State for a year and a half now and no one has even mentioned this glorious little bakery. They’re affordable and have donuts, what more do you people want?

Vel’s is open every day—except Sunday—from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., so me not being a morning person I headed over there around 9 a.m. Their pastry section was looking a little slim by that time, but the pickings were still ripe. Not to mention that everything I sampled was fresh and didn’t taste dried out at all (hallelujah).

I’m not a huge fan of cake donuts right off the bat, but the lady working the front counter recommended them. I tried a regular cake donut that was covered from head to toe in sugar. The outside was definitely crispier than the inside, which was very dense and moist (sorry to use the “M” word but that’s really what it was).

The sugar gave it the flavor that it needed otherwise I think it would have been too plain for me. But for those not wanting a sugar high, they also had regular glazed, chocolate iced, and ones that were plain. I can’t technically speak for the plain ones, but I’m guessing those are good for dunking in coffee.

The only bad thing I found was it left a weird flour aftertaste in my mouth, but it wasn’t that big of a deal because it was a cake donut, so I guess it was a little expected. If you like cake and you like doughnuts this one gets my Kori Stamp of Approval.

The next item recommended to me was a long john topped with maple icing and coconut. I’m usually a fan of long johns that are filled with some sweet substance like jelly or pudding, but the maple icing was tasty enough alone.

I honestly had a hard time tasting the coconut that was sprinkled on top, because the maple was so overpowering. Don’t get me wrong, I die for good maple icing, but all the coconut did was bring a weird crunch texture to the table.

The good thing about this donut was that it was a total steal compared to other places that sell donuts. Not naming any names (Casey’s), but this honker was twice as big, totally filling, and was cheaper, my stomach was doing a happy dance fo’ sho’. Plus, it smelled like a holiday candle from Bath and Body Works, so no complaints here.

Since I had already tasted two different types of donuts, I figured I better switch it up for something different, so the cinnamon roll was born. The cinnamon roll legit tasted like a fried donut, but it was a cinnamon roll, crazy right? It was beautiful and fluffy, filled with cinnamon on the inside and topped with a super sweet, sugar glaze. I’m a girl who loves her sweets, but this one was on a teeter-totter of pushing the edge of too sweet.

The cinnamon roll tasted like I was eating a cloud; the inside was legit so fluffy. Picture me holding this cinnamon roll above my head like Rafiki held Simba and singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” that’s how I feel about that. It was most definitely my favorite of the three with the cake donut in second and lastly the maple long john.

For all three pastries being under three dollars that’s a total steal and I’m all on board for that freight train. I would definitely go back again, somebody want to drive?