International student presents on his home country

Tarik Urvina, Staff Writer

In honor of the International Education Week, the Wayne State College Multicultural Club organized their annual event in which they have the opportunity to introduce other students and faculty members about their home country. During the week the students gave presentations in Gardner Hall and learned more about countries like Curacao, Japan and Brazil. On Nov. 15, Prince Chukwuma had the chance to teach the public more about his culture and country Nigeria.

Chukwuma is an international student from Nigeria and has been in the United States for two years already. He transferred from Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, Iowa. Chukwuma said that while he was doing his presentation he learned a lot more about his country too.

Chukwuma talked about the location of Nigeria, the Nigerian cuisine, sport, religion, currency and rural resources. One of the topics that Chukwuma talked about was the tourist attractions in his country.

“Nigeria is a safe country to travel to, but it depends on where you go,” Chukwuma said. “In the southern part we have a lot of tourist attractions such as the Banana Island, Victoria Island and the Obudu mountain resort.”

Chukwuma said that the flight tickets are very expensive.

“When I came to the United States I flew from Nigeria to Dubai and from Dubai to the US because it was way cheaper for me,” Chukwuma said. “A direct flight from Nigeria to the United States is about 1,700 dollars.”

WSC has several Nigerian students and they all attended the presentation of Chukwuma. John Wesley, a Nigerian international student, enjoyed the presentation about his country.

“It was nice to see how the people reacted on the presentation of Prince, it is a nice way to introduce the community of Wayne about our culture and country,” Wesley said. “Even I learned new things about my country that I didn’t know yet.”

Other students who had the opportunity to see the presentation left with more knowledge about the African country.

“I found it very interesting to learn more about Nigeria, since it is a country I always hear about but never knew that much information about it and I think it looks very beautiful,” Junior Tais Finx said. “If I ever had the chance to visit Africa, Nigeria would be one of the countries on my bucket list.”