Blood drive yielded 53 total donors

The WSC Red Cross Club broke their goal of 45 donors

Connor Lindeman, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College Red Cross Club hosted a blood drive on campus at the Kanter Student Center on Nov. 7.

Approximately 53 people donated a pint of their blood to the Red Cross. The club’s goal was to get at least 45 people, so they exceeded their goal.

The Red Cross seek donations of any blood type, but their main target is O negative blood.

“O negative is a universal donor, so they can donate to all different blood types,” said Emma Krause, a member of the WSC Red Cross Club. “There are some requirements that need to be met. There is a medication referral list and you cannot give blood in a certain amount of time depending in what country you are in.”

After collecting donated blood, the Red Cross disperses it to wherever it is most needed.

“The American Red Cross takes it and then delivers it to various places that need blood, like blood banks, and also to patients who need blood transfusions,” said Natalie Gasseling, a member of the WSC Red Cross Club. “First, it goes to a transferring center where it can be donated, then dispensed at hospitals and areas where the blood is needed.”

Although individual donors do not know where their blood ultimately ends up, donors are assured their blood is going to those most in need.

“Donating blood can be important,” Gasseling said. “It is important because it is a gift that costs nothing to somebody. So, if somebody needs blood, giving that person yours will help save a life, or you can give a newborn child, a mother, a father or a sibling a chance at life. If they are struggling and need a blood transfusion, just by donating, you can help save a life, which is a very big opportunity.”

The WSC Red Cross Club will host another blood drive on Feb. 6 at the Student Center in the Niobrara room. The club is aware that giving blood is an intimidating experience for many, but they ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible.

“Some people are actually scared to give blood. It can be scary sometimes and a lot of people are scared of needles,” Gasseling said. “But the people at the Red Cross are great and understanding; everyone who gives blood gets free snacks, so they will take you through the whole process, because it can be scary sometimes.”