Bring tissues and comfort food to watch ‘A Star Is Born’

Mallory Carothers, Staff Writer

If you’re going to watch “A Star Is Born,” you might want to consider watching it in the comfort of your own home with junk food that will make you feel better.

With little knowledge about what the movie was about, I went into the movie with low expectations. All I knew was that there was “Oscar Buzz” and that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga both starred in it.

The movie begins with a drunk Jackson Main, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, taking the stage and crushing his performance in front of thousands of fans. After the concert, Jack wants to stop at a bar to get another drink.

He ends up going to a Drag bar and meeting Lady Gaga’s character, Ally. She performs a song and Jack is entranced. Ally is an amazing song-writer, which she later reveals to Jack.

Ally and Jack end up falling in love and Jack makes her a big star. He takes her on tour where she gets signed by a big record label. Between Jack’s addiction to alcohol and drugs, and Ally’s rising fame, the couple has their rough patches. Regardless, they end up getting married.

Ally gets nominated and wins a Grammy. At the awards ceremony, Jack gets embarrassingly drunk and ruins her acceptance speech. It is a truly heart-wrenching scene because I felt bad for Ally, but Jack is also going through a hard time due to his addiction and not being as successful as he was when he was younger.

They enter Jack into rehab where he stays for three months. When he returns home sober, Ally’s manager tells him to leave his marriage because he is dragging Ally behind. Jack convinces himself that her manager is right. Jack writes a song for Ally about how he’ll never love again.

Ally has a big concert where Jack is supposed to meet her and perform with her. Instead, Ally performs alone and Jack takes pills that were hidden in his glove compartment.

As the movie flashes from scene to scene, Ally is performing alone, and Jack is tying a noose in a rope. Jack ends up hanging himself.

The last scene of the movie is Ally singing the song that Jack wrote for her at a memorial service. Her performance is interrupted by a flashback of Jack singing the song for her. The last thing the audience sees and hears is Ally’s eyes and dead silence.

The ending of this movie absolutely destroyed me. I didn’t know if I would ever stop crying. “A Star Is Born” made me feel so emotional. From sadness and resentment to relief that Jack would no longer suffer from his disease.

Overall, I really liked this movie. The start of the movie, which detailed the beginning of Ally and Jack’s love story was my favorite. I did feel like the middle of the movie dragged a little bit, but I understand that we had to see the process that ultimately ended Jack’s life.

The songs in this movie, aside from some of the pop songs, I thought were all really meaningful with amazing vocals by both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. In fact, I haven’t been able to stop listening to them since I watched the movie.

I would watch this movie again and recommend it to anyone who enjoys meaningful music and crying during movies.