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‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’ scares fans in The Meatly’s new adventure in final chapter

Connor Lindeman, Staff Writer

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The game Bendy and the Ink Machine has been scaring us since Feb. 2017. And now after a long wait, they release their fifth and final chapter, “Chapter 5, the Last Reel”, which was released on October 26. And I happened to watch the entire gameplay of it on Youtube.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an episodic, first person, survival horror game which focuses on puzzle solving, environment exploration, and combat.

The game takes place in the 1960s and the player plays Henry, an animator who used to work for an animation studio called Joey Drew Studios, and after arriving to the studio after 30 years he returns to find that Bendy and the other cartoons of Joey Drew Studios has come to life in the form of a skeletal-like monster.

Now Henry is trying to escape the studio, but continues to go deeper into the lower levels of the studio.

On Henry’s journey he encounters creatures made of ink that roam around the studio, and they were all created from the ink machine.

In chapter 5, Henry has made it to the final level of Joey Drew Studios, and he, Good Alice, and Good Boris are trying to find a way out, so they can finally defeat Bendy.

In the middle of the game the player runs into and fight a mini-boss, the player also stops by Joey Drew’s office only to find it empty.

At the climax of the game, Henry needs something to defeat Bendy, and Bendy has that thing which is in his lair, which in my opinion looks really amazing, and when it is first seen, the player can see the ink machine descend down into the lair.

When the players enter Bendy’s lair, the mission text tells the player to stop the flow of the ink machine, then Henry enters Bendy’s lair, and the players first see a big room with a throne in the middle of it, at the throne is an audio tape which is the voice of Joey who tells Henry how to defeat Bendy.

The players also get to see Bendy’s true form which is really terrifying, the design of that Bendy is loaded with ink and nightmare fuel, and looks more demonic than before. Then the player has to defeat Bendy in a very complicated boss fight.

At the end of the game, and after five chapters of amazing animation, we finally get to see the mysterious Joey Drew for the first time.

The games art style is very amazing, it almost looks like the landscape of TellTale games, crossed with the old art style of Disney back when it was first released.

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