Fall in love with fall flavors

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

Today was filled with two cups of different flavored coffee and one cup of apple cider in a matter of 45 minutes. The Coffee Shoppe on Main Street got a new customer today and she will be returning very soon, like tomorrow (it’s me if you didn’t know).

For all of you hot beverage, seasonal flavor drinking people (or dogs), keep reading, but for those of you who hate feeling the joy of warmth in the cold months, get out of here because this won’t be your cup of tea (get it? because tea is hot).

I wanted to try a variety of seasonal flavors to find which one was the ‘top dog’ this year, but The Coffee Shoppe had so many flavors that you could mix and match I chose three that I thought would appeal to all types: pumpkin spice, maple with white chocolate, and apple cider.

To start off, I take back everything I have ever said about pumpkin spice flavors, The Coffee Shoppe has forever changed my heart and mind about the over saturated flavor, and my soul is truly happy. They concocted the perfect pumpkin latte and I’m upset because I know they’ll be taking my money for the rest of fall season. They changed my mind about pumpkin, I didn’t even know that was possible for my stubborn self.

Every pumpkin flavored food, drink, or candy was always over powering with a pungent flavor that stuck in the back of my throat and nose, but with their latte the pumpkin spice flavor was subtle. I could still tell what the flavor was, it was like a little surprise waiting for me at the end.

The barista topped my pumpkin drink with whip cream, because I’m a ‘sweets girl’ adding more sugar is always a must. The pumpkin spice latte is more on the bitter side, than the other drinks I’m reviewing so just keep that in mind for those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth like me.

The pumpkin spice was still semi-sweet though because of the whip cream sweetness poking throughout the drink, so taking off that added sweet could make the beverage more on the bitter side.

The maple and white chocolate latte on the other hand was definitely the sweetest drink I tried in the seasonal flavors at The Coffee Shoppe. I also topped this baby with whip cream, it’s definitely the first sweet thing you taste, but then the white chocolate sinks through and your taste buds thank you. The maple is very subtle though, but it resonates a scent through the air that is just calming, but screams fall at the same time.

I am just in awe at how much maple and white chocolate were a match made in heaven, whoever knew I would be the one to ‘fall’ in love with this fall drink.

I hadn’t planned on trying the apple cider, but while I was sitting down taking in the atmosphere the barista said I should try the hot cider for another beverage to add for my readers. The apple cider brought warmth to the lips, traveled down to my throat and then made its way throughout my whole body making me feel all cozy. I love the home-vibe that this cider brought to my mind, it took me back to my childhood, smelling my mom’s potpourri bags in the fall, remembering the crisp air that waited behind the closed door.

I know that was a lot of memories in one drink, but yes, the apple cider did all of that for me, and it can do it for you too. Pumpkin and Maple have evolved to become the regular seasonal flavors for fall, but apple cider will forever be the OG of hot autumn beverages.

All-in-all, I loved the maple and white chocolate the best, with plenty of whip cream of course, the pumpkin spice was my second favorite and then if I had to choose a third it would have to be the apple cider, even though it’s not coffee so it should have been in its own category. If I could have picked a three-way tie, I would have, trust me.

Trying all three drinks at 10 a.m. wasn’t ideal, for my already hyper self, I should’ve started earlier in the day so that caffeine wasn’t still in my veins at 2 a.m., but I love the energy I got after the hot beverages making me get everything accomplished a lot quicker throughout the day.

I’m giving this place an 11 out of 10 just because I was so happy with everything, the customer service, the vibe of antiques, background music, and obviously the hot drinks were pretty much on point through every aspect.

Stay tuned for next week when I check out Miss Molly’s and see how they hold up on their end of seasonal drinks.