“Haunted Trail” open one last night

Ana Mata, Staff Writer

Wayne State College Drama Club began their “Haunted Trail” last Friday and made over $600 in just the first night alone. This year the trail only lasts three days instead of five the club has done in previous years.

“Last year, we had a very small crowd on Sunday and Monday nights and decided it wasn’t worth it, so [this year] we’re just doing the three nights,” said Brian Begley, director of WSC’s theatre department and Drama Club advisor.

The “Haunted Trail” is one of the Drama Clubs biggest fundraisers. The money they get from the trail goes to sponsoring student-produced theatre, it helps to provide volunteers, and helps in participating in campus-wide events, along with other various activities.
“We raised $1,200 two years ago and last year we raised maybe a little over a $1,000,” said Begley.

Through the first two nights, people seemed to have enjoyed the trail and have fun leaving with laughter and smiles on their faces.

“It was really fun! I liked how realistic it was and the storyline of it,” said Jayden Airsman, a student from West Point, Nebraska.

Halloween is usually the “Haunted Trail’s” best night of business and the Drama Club hopes that this year there will be even more people that attend and have fun.

“We just need a lot of people, that’s the whole key is getting people,” said Begely. “It’s just fun to scare people.”