WWE sold out for the wrong reasons

Justin Yost, Staff Writer

I’m just going to come out and say it…..I am a WWE fan. And no it is not fake, it is pre-determined, but that isn’t the argument I want to make today.

I grew up watching WWE and loving the spectacle of it. It really is a scripted TV show that anything can happen. And over its history almost everything has happened. Not always the most tasteful especially during the attitude era, to women and stereo-type minorities, but WWE has made a consious effort to change its ways when it comes to women’s wrestling and be inclusive of everyone. Changing the name from the Diva’s division to the Women’s division. And making whole Pay-Per-View dedicated to women’s wrestling that took place last weekend.

Even after all of these efforts, WWE has made deals with other governments around the World. Mainly Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has opened itself up to more modern culture allowing movie theaters to show movies from other countries. WWE held an event in the country earlier this year, but women were not allowed to make the trip, because of the views Saudi Arabia holds in terms of women being in positions of power.

Women were shown during commercials and promotional packages on the big screen during TV breaks. Saudi Arabian officials were outraged and WWE had to release a statement saying they were sorry to cause any trouble. This in itself should be enough for the WWE to not make any more deals with Saudi Arabia, but again the WWE announced they would return in November for their Crown Jewel event.

Even in the wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Kashoggi, which has been linked to the government and crown prince of Saudi Arabia, WWE confirmed they would move ahead with the event. Many fans have called for WWE to move the event, but WWE has decided to move forward. As a fan and an aspiring journalist I am very disappointed. WWE is only going through with it because of the amount of money Saudi Arabia has paid them to bring the event there.

The biggest name in wrestling for our generation is John Cena. He has been advertised for the event for a long time, but was written out of the event this week on Monday Night Raw, because it is being reported he did not want to go back to Saudi Arabia. Another Star said, but not confirmed to be out of the show is Daniel Bryan.

It is sad to see WWE take the money over a chance to make a statement. Even though the show has a stacked card, I will not and encourage others not to watch.