Learning time management

Lisa Dohmen, Staff Writer

I was talking with a friend this week and I was complaining about how busy I am and she really put into perspective that I’m really blessed to be doing so many things that make me happy and having a busy schedule was my decision and that it does make me happy.

When I started college, I knew I needed to get a job, not only to make money, but to keep myself busy because I do not like being bored.

I would rather have a busy schedule than an empty schedule.

Before college started in the summer of 2015, I came to Wayne and started filling out applications everywhere and I got a job at Dairy Queen here in town before classes had even started. I have been working there for a little over three years now.

I continued to add more and more things to my schedule in February 2018.

I accepted a job working Wildcat Wheels dispatch on the weekends.

I had also accepted a position at 106 KIX Country in Norfolk at this time as a part time DJ.

During the summer, this was not that hard to manage, but now that classes are back in full swing, I found myself experiencing burn out quickly into the semester.

I would get home late at night from one job and then have to turn around the next day and either go to a different job or go to class.

This made me need to learn time management the hard way, because I was having jobs overlap with classes or jobs overlap with other jobs.

I needed to plan my weeks in an actual planner for this to be easier on me.

My class schedule was set every week, so I had my jobs schedule me around them and if I worked at one place late at night, I should not work early in the morning at a different job.

I was forced to get organized to keep my sanity in check, so If you happen to have a full schedule, I suggest getting a planner and planning out your week in advance.

It has helped me a lot.