Nebraska isn’t for everyone

Ana Mata, Staff Writer

“Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” This is the new tourist slogan that Nebraska has decided on and I have to say this new slogan went and nailed it, this slogan basically sums up all that Nebraska is.

Now before I receive the snarky comments and death glares, just hear me out.

The people of today are always looking for the next big thing, the newest trends, and the most groundbreaking technology and there’s nothing wrong with that I myself am always seeking those things.

Nebraska doesn’t have nice warm beaches with crystal clear oceans, we don’t have the tallest skyscrapers that let you look across the horizon, and we don’t have crazy foods to try that are internationally loved and wanted.

We are not the state that has the greatest football teams, were not the ones that have big art sculptures all over the cities, and Nebraska has some of the most bipolar weather. Nebraska is not much to look at this, state is nothing but cornfields and dirt roads.

But with that being said Nebraska does have its own perks. Nebraska is hardworking farmers that get up at the crack of dawn and work until the sunsets. Nebraska is a place where most of the state comes together to support a football team that isn’t the greatest.

Nebraska is going over to grandma’s house for the weekend and baking cookies and hearing about how things used to be. This state is walking down the street and waving to the cars passing with a smile on our faces.

We are a state where you can stop, actually take a look around you and really take a chance to unwind. Walks to town, the local baseball games, nice breezy days that are ideal for spur of the moment family BBQ’s. Nebraska is meeting people and talking to them, being able to learn their stories of life.

Life passes us by with each day and with each year it just seems to go by even faster. Nebraska shows you to stop and slow down and watch the sun fall behind the clouds and trees. It’s holding your loved ones close while sitting on the porch on a nice day. This state shows you to appreciate the small things in life and that every moment in life matters.

We are the state that makes you slow down and makes you think of what’s important and what matters to you.

Again Nebraska is not for everyone if you’re looking for flashy, trendy places to take some selfies.