Student athlete lifestyle

Evelyn Knox, Staff Writer

Being a student athlete at Wayne state has its ups and downs. Being a member of the Women’s Basketball team, it is a privilege to represent my school and team in almost everything that I do. A lot of people take for granted the responsibility student athletes have, not just on campus, but also in the community of Wayne. Members of the community constantly are watching and reflecting on the actions you make, which forces student athletes to monitor our actions outside of the lines of the field or court, especially on social media.

Many may say that student athletes have it easy when it comes to school and classes. Having to manage practice times, mandatory study halls, community service, conditioning sessions, and weights while balancing normal student responsibilities can be a day to day struggle. The best part about being a student athlete is that it teaches you how to effectively manage time with all the added responsibilities that come with it.

With my time here I have met and created bonds with other athletes from other sports teams that will last a life time.

With all the up sides of being a student athlete at WSC, there are also some downsides. With basketball being a winter sport we don’t get to go home for thanksgiving, only get a six day break for Christmas, and rarely get a spring break due to how long the season is. Season can start to feel really long and be tough at times due to the fact we can’t go home for about five months.

What helps getting me through a tough and long season is my teammates. Having a team to have your back is like having a family away from home, even though it sounds cliche, it is true. We spend nearly 20 hours on the court together a week, plus countless others outside of the court.

Although playing a college sport has its many ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.