WSC offers microsoft to students

David Becker, Staff Writer

One thing that I have noticed here during my brief time at Wayne State College (I’ve only been here one semester) is that I have seen that a lot of students are using Google Drive and Docs to write their papers for classes. I think what people, perhaps some freshmen, don’t know is that WSC does offer free Microsoft Office to their students. This is available to people who have both a Windows PC and a Mac. The version of Office the college provides is Office 365, which is technically a subscription-based service.

Each student has the choice to download Microsoft Office on up to five devices. This can include your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet. When opening those apps for the first time, all you have to do is sign-in to the app once you have it loaded on your chosen device. After that, you should have full access to the app as a whole.

I would also recommend that if you have not done it already, put the app and service, Grammarly, on your device, whether you download the app or browser extension. It’s a great way to get your papers and other documents looking nice and professional, and the fact that it can be installed and embedded into Microsoft Word documents. However, Grammarly can only be added on the Windows version of Microsoft Office, but cannot be added to Microsoft Office for Mac.

Another awesome part about this is that if you do have someone who uses Google Drive for sending you papers and powerpoints, you can download them as Word and PowerPoint files to your device and view them in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Be sure to take advantage of this while you can because regularly, Microsoft Office (Home and Student) costs $149.99 and Office 365 costs $69.99 yearly. Get the free version of Microsoft here at WSC while you still attend here.