AquaPop brings in new flavors of popcorn weekly

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

As a person who supports small businesses, a poor college student, and a procrastinator who couldn’t go out and eat a full meal, this food review is over popcorn.

I can legitimately state with confidence I haven’t met one person who doesn’t like popcorn, sure some people might be picky about their flavors, but popcorn is just a likeable food in general.
AquaPop is a relatively new business in Wayne, America, but definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. They are always bringing in new popcorn flavors each week as well as creating special event popcorn for things such as holidays, husker games, and flavors of the month.

Since it’s officially October and everything is spooky and pumpkin spice infused, I figured I better check out AquaPop’s flavor of the month. But to my surprise they didn’t follow the crowd with this over used fad.

October’s flavor of the month, Fall Almond Biscotti, is the crack of all popcorn. Do not eat it out of the bag or you will eat it all in one sitting. Its addictive popcorn flavor contains slivered almonds, notes of vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and creamy butter.

Once you crack open the bag a sweet sugar-butter flavor is released into the air creating a fall vibe. I’m a strong believe that there can never be too much vanilla in anything, and AquaPop is slaying the vanilla game. It was the absolute perfect amount of vanilla.

The caramelized coating locks the freshness of the popcorn inside, creating a nice soft contrast compared to the crisp almonds. This popcorn is on the sweeter side which I’m not mad about. Did I mention the bag was only $3.50? This popcorn crack is priceless in my books.

AquaPop’s top 10 sellers in order are: Blonde Caramel, Jalapeño Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar/Caramel, Dill Pickle, White Cheddar, Tuttie Fruittie, Movie Theatre, 4th Quarter, and Cinnamon Sugar Kettle.

Instead of saying it’s like a kid in the candy shop I’m going to trade mark it’s like a Kori in the candy shop. It was an overwhelming aroma of several flavors of popcorn, not to mention they are all distinctly different in color, so it was just a beautiful sight, and I probably looked like a crazy squirrel all over the place.

As I mentioned before I am a poor college student, so I couldn’t try all of the top 10, but I did decide to try the number one seller, Blonde Caramel.

Such a simple name for such strong popcorn. If you’ve ever had caramel popcorn, block that memory out of your brain because this flavor is 20 billion times better. It was the perfect amount of sugar, butter, salt, and not to mention the perfect amount of vanilla. I just don’t even have words; this caramel popcorn goes above all other caramel popcorns.

To top it off the bag was a quarter bigger than the flavor of the month bag and a dollar cheaper. Both bags were filled to the brim and almost explode as you open them, it’s not like you’re opening a bag of air like Walmart potato chips.

AquaPop has fantastic customer service, very nice people, and I say this because sometimes workers just aren’t the nicest people, so I applaud them for having smiling faces in the store.

I know I only talked about their amazing popcorn, but they have several other services such as snow cones, cotton candy, old soda pops, and several old fashion candy. The store reminded me of Willy Wonka’s factory, I just wish I could have a golden ticket.

AquaPop gets a 10 out of 10 in my books, I’ll definitely be going