Spring class registration approaches

Lisa Dohmen, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of the semester, registration. Spring 2019 class registration dates are coming up and with a high number of Freshman who have never registered for a spring semester, there are a lot of questions about registration and what it all entails.

“There are some important dates that everyone signing up for spring 2019 courses should know,” Registrar Rebeka Wilson said.

According to Wilson, there is a highly recommended time when students should meet with their advisors about spring registration.

“October 29 is when students will be able to see their available courses for the spring 2019 semester,” Wilson said. “And November 12 is when priority registration opens for upper classmen and honor students.In between these specific dates is when students should meet with their advisors.”

Wilson highly suggests meeting with an appointed advisor in a specific student’s field of study to help create a plan for future class schedules.

“My number one recommendation is that students meet with their advisor because they would know what courses would benefit the students the most,” Wilson said. “Every student’s situation may be different so they should also check their Wildcats online account and see what day they are able to move courses from their shopping cart into official spring 2019 enrollment.”

Advisers are great for helping with registration but don’t be afraid to ask other questions about your overall college experience.

“Know who your adviser is and meet with them early when it comes to registration, because they will have tight schedule with other advisees,” Senior Brianna Ward said. “It’s also good to know what classes are provided before your registration date.”

Ward suggests meeting with your advisor often even if it is just to say hi or ask a quick question.

“Getting to know your advisor is really helpful because they could write letters of recommendation and they can give suggestions in your career field specifically” Ward said.

Remember to register for classes as soon as possible, as classes fill up quickly and opportunities can be missed.

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