Daring to defy the standard

Andrew Suiter, Staff Writer

In a world where the average length of a song is three minutes a new song dares to defy these standards. In Logic’s YSIV track number six, “Wu-Tang Forever” Logic has assembled the east coast rap group Wu-Tang Clan for an eight minute and eight second song.

I have to say even though some may find an eight minute song overdoing it or too much of a task to listen too, I found the song to be a great reunion of all living members of group. I enjoyed the mix of old school and new school hip-hop and hearing the Wu-Tang Clan rap over a new school beat with their same distinctive flow was amazing.

I felt that Logic was able to learn a lot from these hip-hop icons in collaborating with them and had a lot to take away.

After listening to “Wu-Tang Forever” it initially brought me back to the Wu-Tang Clan’s first album “Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.”

I found that even though their first album was released 25 years ago, they still had all of the same ability and lyrical flow they had back then.

The thing that I liked about this track was how each member has such a specific rap style that the some artists of the current generation don’t seem to have.

I’d like to believe that this track will have provided some lesson to the newer generation of rap, but I doubt it. I look forward to the future of rap and hope to see more collaborations like this.