Delta Sigma Pi wins 2018 Willy Olympics

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Anastacia Mata, Staff Writer

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Wayne State College held its traditional Willy Olympics last Thursday. Sponsored by Residence Hall Association (RHA), Willy Olympics is an event where organizations and clubs compete against each other in different games, with the goal of winning the first place prize of $50 and bragging rights for their club.

“We have four event: the egg toss, the bean bag toss, the Oreo one, and the three-legged relay race,” said Shea Childs, the coordinator for the Willy Olympics and president of RHA. “I’m really excited for the Oreo game, I think that’s going to be fun to watch.”

Any club could have joined and fought for glory, some of the clubs that participated were Delta Sigma Pi, Sci-Fi, Dungeons and Dragons (DND), and a few others. Each team had high hopes for winning and showing off their skills.

“I think we got a chance, I think we got just as much of a chance as everyone else,” said Travis Gard, graphic design major and member of Sci-Fi club.

The first event held was the egg toss where teams chose two people who had to throw an egg back and forth without breaking it. Delta Sigma Pi won the game.

“I think since the first event was the egg toss that’s what got the most hype because we knew we had to start off with that,” said Andrea Larson, ag business major and member of Delta Sigma Pi.

Moving right along to the bean bag toss, Delta placed first for that one as well, with Sci-Fi club in second place. Next was the Oreo challenge where one person from each team would have to put an Oreo on their head and try and move it to their mouths without using their hands; two teams tied for first place.

Ultimately, all of the teams enjoying themselves but began to feel some pressure for the last event that took place.

“Homecoming has been really fun and it’s super cool to see all the students come together from different organizations to participate in all the different activities.” Larson said.

The last game was the three-legged race where, once again, Delta took first. After the game, the coordinator and her peers tallied the scores and carefully analyzed the results; after five minutes, the winners were announced.

Delta stole first place winning $50 for their organization and bragging rights for the year, while DND came in second and won their organization $25.

“That’s pretty good, I’m proud of our group,” said Justin Lester, leader of DND.

Delta was ecstatic to win first place and earn the bragging rights for their team again. Delta has won the Willy Olympics the last few years and was trying to maintain that winning streak.

“We wanted to be defending champions,” Larson said. “There’s a bit of pride that goes into this.”

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