One team to rule them all

The Trivia Olympiad tests students’ knowledge and competitive spirit

Melissa Norris, Staff Writer

Jokes, trivia and prizes amused students on Sept 19 in the lower gag during the Trivia Olympiad.

Comedian Ryan Connor kicked off the night with jokes about his mixed race family, a nerdy coworker and sharing his name with an adult film star.

Connor then acted as moderator for three rounds of trivia. The crowd split up into seven teams to answer each 10-question round.

Each round consisted of questions such as naming a certain Shakespeare play, Marilyn Monroe’s real name, Norman Bates’ hobbies, and which newspaper Clark Kent worked for.

“I probably shouldn’t have come up with the questions. I’m a ‘Jeopardy’ buff and I thought they would be easy,” S.A.B. advisor Sarah Gunion said.

After a tie breaker for second and third place, first, second and third place winners were given gift cards to the on-campus bookstore.

Each student in the first place team, “Gargoyles,” received a $30 gift card. They were more than pleased with the questions they answered.

“The Batman ones, that’s why we won. I knew more about Batman than I thought I did,” sophomore Kayla Lokie, a member of the winning team, said.

Questions about Batman might have been easy, but some had these trivia buffs scratching their heads.

“The ones about old actors, those were hard,” sophomore and winning team member, Morgan Stough said.

The second place team, “A Blonde, a Brunette and a Ginger,” each received a $20 gift card to the on-campus bookstore.

Third place winners, team “Kickass,” each received a $10 gift card.

Though the event was filled with hijinks and drama, with lost score sheets and a tie in the end for second place, the students enjoyed themselves.

“It was a blast,” sophomore Adam Swallow said.