Wayne State plentiful with diversity

This year, many overseas students chose Wayne State

Tarik Urvina, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College campus is very diverse with people from different ethnicities and this year it is also the home of more than forty international students who are representing twenty countries from all over the globe. Never before has Wayne State College welcomed so many international students.

The countries which the students are representing varies from Australia, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands and India. The majority of this year’s international students are from Curacao, a small southern Caribbean Island.

One of the reasons why there are so many international students from Curacao is because Wayne State College has an agreement with the Government of the island. The students from Curacao will all receive a in-state tuition in the upcoming years.

The process of the international students receiving a F1-Visa (which makes them able to study in the USA) is a long one. The students need to talk to their home country education authorities, get a good score on their TOEFL test, apply for a student visa, receive vaccinations and then wait until they receive their I-20 (Certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status). Once the students get accepted into WSC it’s then time for them to leave their family and friends behind and depart to their new home here in the United States.

There are different kinds of barriers for international students including the English language and some students get home sick after a while.

“There are many differences if I compare it to my home country, the biggest one is definitely the weather. In my country we only have one season and that is the summer,” said Raynier Huggins, a junior from Curacao.

There are more culture shocks for the international students which experience things they never seen or done before.

“As an international student, I am still learning to get used to the culture around here. It is different from what I am used to. I need to get used to the food and weather, but I’m adapting and will be fine,’’ said John Wesley, a junior student from Nigeria.

Besides the culture differences, the students are enjoying their time in the USA.

“It’s a big difference for me to live in a small city, just making sure I have things to do and I’m already making new friends which teach me things about the USA and the American culture,” said Tais Finx, a junior from Curacao.

“I always need to explain to people where Curacao is but they are always excited to learn more about my home country and also making sure that I’m okay and helping me to get used to the life here abroad,” Finx said.

“My experience at Wayne State College so far has been good,” Wesley said. “If I would have to grade it would be an A-, I like my friends, the teachers and the activities at the Muleteer culture club.’’

The mix of the international students and the diversity on the Wayne State College campus is making it easier for our international students to adapt. The next time you see an international student around don’t be afraid to get to know them and learn about their countries.