Nearly Naked Mile offers brisk charitable fun

Students ran in their skivvies to help others put clothes on

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Halleigh Hawkins, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College Student Senate and Philomatheans sponsored the second annual Nearly Naked Mile on Oct. 3 as part of the homecoming festivities. The mile started out by the speed bump by the football field and ended just past the Peterson Fine Arts building. Last year was the first time WSC Student Senate held this activity and they decided to try it again this year.

“[The Nearly Naked Mile] was well advertised on campus and [I] thought it was a good way to get involved in the campus for a good cause,” said WSC Senior Kelly Cliffords.

Last year, the Nearly Naked Mile only had about 25 participants take part. This year, there were 40 participants that either ran or walked the mile. The Student Senate is trying to make the mile an annual activity each homecoming. Donating clothing items to Micah’s Closet, a non-profit thrift store located in downtown Wayne was a requirement to be able to participate in the run.

“Last year we were trying to find something that would benefit the community and Micah’s Closet does a good job of giving to people in need at cheap prices where people can afford it,” said Kody Wageman, president of the WSC Student Senate. “I thought it was a good thing to try again and keep going because there’s always a need for clothing in small communities.”

There were 51 people that donated clothing items to benefit people in need throughout the community of Wayne. Many people took part by just donating clothes to give back, but didn’t run the mile. The participants knew the real reason of joining in on the mile would benefit many.

“I did it for fun by myself, but I knew the real reason was to donate,” said Kennedy Jones, the girls winner of the Nearly Naked Mile.

The Nearly Naked Mile had four winners, all representing different competitions within the mile. Cliffords was the boys winner and Jones was the girls winner. Best costume went to Emmy Mills, who dressed as the lifeguard from “The Sandlot.” The most donated items went to Andrea Larson, a junior at WSC.

The Nearly Naked Mile is a great way to get people involved in an activity that many people may not have taken part in. From dressing up, working out, or just having fun with friends or by yourself, the many activities within the mile made for a fun night. The Student Senate looks for the Nearly Naked Mile to have even more participants for next year and years to come.