This year’s title of Mr. WSC belongs to Devyn Davis

The event was hosted by “Mean Girls” actor Daniel Franzese

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Blake Hilkemeier, Staff Writer

Devyn Davis of the Black Students Association won the 18th annual Mr. WSC at Wayne State College on Sept. 27, crowning him one of the Kings of the Wayne State.

The competition is held every year during homecoming week, and features five categories, including evening wear, talent, theme wear, imitating a staff member and best and worst pickup lines. The event is partially put together by Student Activities Coordinator Sarah Gunion.

“Me and our two other homecoming co-coordinators picked the emcee, we put together the script and picked the judges,” Gunion said. “Basically, we’re there to make sure everything goes smoothly during this show that is essentially organized chaos.”

The event is very well put together, and with so many fun categories for the competitors, it’s not exactly easy for students to pick a favorite.

“My two favorites are probably evening wear and talent,” Gunion said. “They both seem to get pretty bizarre and you never really know what is going to happen.”

This year the emcee was , who is best known for his role as “Damien” in the movie “Mean Girls.”

“Every year I take a group of students from the Students Activities Board to a conference called NACA,” Gunion said. “We spend 3 days there and all we do is watch comedians and magicians and other artists and look at all the crazy things they have that we can bring back to campus. Daniel was one of the emcees for one of the performances, and the students I took were instantly obsessed with him. We knew we had to bring him back for something in that moment.”

As for Franzese, he seemed to be the perfect man for the job, seeing as he’s had plenty of experience being a part of events like this.

“This sounded like a really fun event and I was excited to do it,” Franzese said. “Even in high school I hosted all of our events. I’ve always been the person on the microphone. I just can’t shut up.”
Focusing on the actual competition, it was Sophomore Devyn Davis who was able to take home the crown.

“I was super nervous at the beginning because things weren’t going as smoothly as I had hoped, but I had my best friends backstage to calm my nerves and re-assure me that I was doing just fine,” Davis said.

While nerves were somewhat of a problem for Davis, he was able to use some of the experience he had from his runner-up finish in last years competition to wow the judges and take home the top prize this year.

The rest of the competitors included runner- up Keith Lewis of The Guild, third place finisher Tom Toel of the Student Senate, and fourth place finisher Ryan Beins of the Sports Club.

The 18th annual Mr. WSC drew a large crowd and proved why it is such a loved event among students and faculty.