Faculty art show

Wayne State’s own show off their work for all to see

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

The faculty art show opened on Friday Sept. 28. The art show featured many WSC professors.

Assistant Professor Carolyn Albracht has showed her work at the faculty art show for the past four years. Most of her pieces shown were done with watercolor.

“Right now, I do watercolor mixed media, and that I’ve been working in for probably about ten years. So, I do enjoy that, I actually enjoy clay although it’s not something that I do,” Albracht said. “Since I teach, it’s kind of nice that I get to dabble in a lot of different things. But for my professional work, I tend to stick with 2D painting, drawing, and mixed media.”

A couple of Albracht’s pieces that were shown, were small watercolor radial designs. According to Albrachet, her piece titled “Untitled (Frogman Pig)” is her favorite.

“One of the radial designs, they’re little pieces about maybe 7×7. It’s the blue and purple one, I did stitching around the border that I haven’t tried before,” Albracht said.

“A lot of these pieces I created in fairly short notice, with the faculty show coming up my summer got busy, so I didn’t have time to really dig and dive deep into a body of work. So that piece, the stitching I did around the border, was kind of a last-minute decision of ‘Do I really want to do this right before a show?’ and it was an experiment and then I was like you know what I’m just gonna go for it.”

Albracht’s influences in art come from past artists that she’s admired.

“I’d say Picasso is a big one, he’s kind of obvious. He was probably more influential with what I was doing with my oil pastels, just with the abstraction of the figure,” Albracht said. “But one of the influences that I recognized at one point with the stuff I’m doing currently, is that one of my favorite illustrators as a kid was Dr. Seuss. It wasn’t a deliberate choice, but it was one of those things that I sort of recognized that I had an affinity for his illustration style.”

Albracht also gets inspiration from current themes in culture.

“I’m paying quite a bit of attention to mixed media, I know alcohol inks are kind of a trendy thing right now, so I’ve purchased some of those,” Albracht said. “Haven’t been playing with them a whole lot but have been looking at workshops and things like that that I might do next summer.”