Losing a loved one is never easy

Rachel Vogt, Staff Writer

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy.

I hadn’t experienced losing someone close to me until my freshman year here at WSC. It was a very difficult time for me in the first place, being away from my family and not having anyone who I was close with to talk about it, made coping so much harder.

It took me so much longer to really realize that one of my best friends, Jayda, was gone.

It killed me to know that I was never going to see her or hear her laugh ever again.

One of the hardest parts about her being gone is seeing memories pop up on my snapchat. Seeing how happy we were together hanging out and just having a good time.

Seeing pictures of the last time we hung out, not knowing it would be the last memories I would share with her.

I remember when I got the news, my best friend’s mom called me to tell me that there was an accident. I remember going numb and telling her she was wrong and that it wasn’t possible, that she must have heard wrong and Jayda was still okay. She had to be okay.

I didn’t get to tell her how much I appreciated her and loved having her as one of my best friends. I felt cheated. Jayda was so pure and loving, and it wasn’t her time to go. It wasn’t fair.

Losing her made me feel a new kind of pain that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

I still have days where I get angry because she was taken too early, but there are other days where I remember that she’s now watching over me.

I wish she wasn’t taken so early because she had so much more to experience in life, but I’m also glad I got to be a part of her life while she was here with us.