Laughing in the face of madness

Jacob Stewart, Staff Writer

The last thing you want is to be coming off a bender in the middle of the week, but that’s where I’ve been at, readers.

Cement in the skull and a stomach with waves more tumultuous than the hurricane twisted waters of the Atlantic. It’s a nightmarish place to be, but far less than our national scene. Laughter in politics and judicial decrees in the world of comedy.

Bill Cosby, a once treasured comedian, has been sentenced three to ten years for sexual assault. And if this isn’t proof that our jesters are broken people, I don’t know what is. Suicides, overdoses, and jail time. The jokes come at a cost, folks.

Aside from Cosby’s future in prison, the days to come for our country are in question. That’s all I can think to say when members of the United Nations, leaders across the face of this chaotic globe, laughed in the face of our “Commander in Madness.” That’s right, readers, it’s gotten to the point where they’re finally doing it in his face, and to them, I say it’s about bloody time.

After all, President Trump claimed that world leaders have been laughing behind our backs for years, promised that his presidency would change that. Now he’s been proven wrong.

Yet enough with this victory for the sane, we still have the GOP to deal with.

The party with the kind of supporters who have cut Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the history books in Texas. An obvious sign that they couldn’t stomach the idea of women who made something of their lives.

Say what you will about Clinton, she had the guts to call out Trump for what he was. The same can’t be said about the members of Trump’s party, even after they’ve seen how far he has gone into lunacy. It’s the same tactic the Nazis used.

They saw Hitler for what he was, but only a handful stood up to him, even when it meant execution. Sadly, those types of Republicans are either gone, or on their way out.Now all that’s left are those men and women who will claim that they were just following orders when our own version of the Nuremburg Trials come around. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Things have been a little more focused, readers. The concrete got my mind straightened out, and there’s a lot that had to be covered in this, a week of downfalls.

Perhaps this is the way to do things from now on. Then again, once I’ve recovered from this hellish bender, I’ll just have to wait and see how long this energy lasts.

Afterall, the old con isn’t used to this kind of sober train of thought, but with it nearly being midterms, I am hoping that it lasts long enough to get me over the hump.

We just have to keep on going, readers, laughing in the face of this insanity that we call life. And maybe, just maybe we’ll see things get turned around.